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Rich Caramel Sauce

by Dawn T in Rouxbe Recipes

This rich caramel sauce contains only 3 simple ingredients: sugar, cream and butter. It goes perfectly with ice cream, tar...

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Fatima A

Yummi....!!! XD

Me encantan las recetas de esta pagin, tooodas son deliciosas, y te las explican muy bien, se mucho ingles,
mas preferiría verlas en español, creo que la página al
comenzar deber{ia tener una opcion, para que se
pueda elegir entre inglés o español, que son los idiomas
más usados, tengo un gran interes por la cocina,
tengo tan solo 12 años, y me
encanta ver esta página web ... ES LO MAXIMO!! XD
Ah... y espero que sigan poniendo más recetas!!!!

Ken J

FWIW Dept.: My Spanish is rusty, but...

Fatima A. really likes the Rouxbe website and the recipes on it. She thinks they're explained well even though she'd prefer Spanish language versions. Not to worry, she has the option (via her browser, I assume) of seeing the pages in Spanish or English, the most used languages. She's quite interested in cooking even though she's only 12 yrs old, and, again, she digs Rouxbe and hopes more recipes will appear!

Fatima A

Thanks!!!!!!!!! :3

Thanks too much for the traduction Ken J. !!!!!

Renee L

Doesn't Work with English Granulated Sugar

This was my first unsuccessful Rouxbe recipe. I waited and waited but it just didn't change color (i.e. carmalize) but just reduced down to nothing.

I did use granulated sugar so I can only guess that the granulated sugar here in England has some impurities in it which prevented it from working.

Such a drag I was really looking forward to serving it with my banana tart. :-(

Mrs. F

Finally I did it

Thanks to your step by step directions, I finally made the perfect caramel sauce.


caramel sauce

how long can this be stored in the fridge?

Dawn T
Rouxbe Staff

Refrigerated Caramel Sauce

This will keep for several days in the refrigerator. In fact I have had some in the refrigerator for more than a week and it is perfectly fine.

It usually doesn't last much longer than that, as we can't help but to eat it!

Liz S

Velvety smooth sauce

This sauce tasted great on the banana tart. However it took me 60 minutes to get it brown. Perhaps I was paranoid about burning it but the text said medium to low heat and I have a gas stove so I could control the heat well. It was bubbling so I thought that was good enough. After 30 minutes I turned it up a bit and after 40 minutes I turned it up again. Near the end I had it practically on High on my slowest burner. In the end, it did turn out beautifully and the only complaints I got were that I was too stingy drizzling it over the top of the tart. It must have been good because when I offered the hostess to keep the leftover sauce for herself, she showed me a bowl hidden away where she had already taken half!

Lihd F

Caramalized sugar

I was making creme caramel last night and used the first part of this recipe as guide to tell when the caramel was done. I worked out really well and the video let me know exactly when the caramel was done and what it should look like. Thanks!

Miriam G


Thank you for this marevelous recipe, I did it last week and it was easy to do, but I agree with Liz S, I spend like 60 minutes to turn in brown!!!

the texture and the taste it's good, But I found it very sweet, in fact, I think it's too much swwet. What will happens If I repeat the recipe, with less sugar, but keeping the other ingredients measures!?

thank you again!

Dawn T
Rouxbe Staff

Re: Perfect (but too sweet)

Glad you liked the caramel sauce. It is naturally sweet, being that it is a sugar sauce. If you alter the recipe, it can become too liquidy and won't have a thick consistency. The rich caramel color also won't be the same. Perhaps next time you make it, experiment by adding a bit more cream but keep consistency and color in mind. It also depends on what you are serving it with. If you're pouring it over an already sweet dessert, it may be too much.

One other thing, the caramelized sugar should not take that long to become golden. Just try turning the heat up a bit, but keep a close eye on it. Once it starts to turn color, the heat of the sugar will increase very quickly and can easily burn, so make sure you're ready with your mise en place. Good luck next time you make it!

Hesham K


I like this a lot. I try to keep some in a squeeze bottle in the fridge but it disappears pretty quickly. I like it on sliced Granny Smith apples, sprinkled with some grey salt.

Joe G
Rouxbe Staff

Caramel Sauce in a Squeeze Bottle is a Great Idea

We do this too... Only problem is that I then use it on everything. In coffee it is great too or over ice cream. On apples with grey salt is a fantastic idea.

Hesham K

Re: Coffee

I had it in coffee tonight for the first time and thought it was pretty great.

I've been making ice cream lately which is why I made the caramel sauce but really, it's so good you can put it on so many things.

Hesham K

Chocolate Sauce ?

Any tips for making a rich chocolate sauce (syrup) that has a similar viscosity as this? I'm looking for something that I can keep in a squeeze bottle and add to milk, etc...


Re: Chocolate Sauce ?

Dawn T
Rouxbe Staff

Re: Chocolate Sauce

This chocolate sauce (from Rouxbe) is also very good.

Rick P


Would it be possible to use this sauce to make a creme caramel?

Many thanks Rick

Dawn T
Rouxbe Staff

RE: Using Caramel Sauce to Make Creme Caramel

This caramel sauce is not what is used to make a classic creme caramel. The golden sugary base of a creme caramel is made using just sugar and water. The hot caramel is immediately poured into the ramekins before it sets and hardens. Cheeers!

Rick P

Caramel v toffee

Many thanks for your reply Dawn

I guess there is a difference between caramel and toffee but I know not what. Does the former include milk and butter and the latter not?


Rick P

Caramel ..... solidified

I used the technique in this video to make the caramel for a creme caramel. The creme bit turned out fine but the caramel was a bit of a disaster:-( I did as the video instructed boiled and waited for it to turn a reddish brown - I would say 8 - 10 minutes. I poured the caramel, followed by the creme mixture, into ramekins then cooked @ 160C in the oven in a bath of water. I then removed from oven and let cool before placing in fridge. Unfortunately, when I turned them out, the caramel had partly solidified and was not runny like it should be. Did I overheat the caramel mixture?

Many thanks Rick

Dawn T
Rouxbe Staff

RE: Caramel...Solidified

As I mentioned in the comment above, this caramel is not the same caramel that is used to make creme caramel, which is why you had troubles. Cheers!

Caroline D

candy apple

Can I use this recipe for caramel apple? Of not how can make the caramel for the .apples?

Dawn T
Rouxbe Staff

Re: How to Make Candied Apples

This caramel sauce would not work for making candied apples. I did a quick search online for "How to Make Candied Apples" and found quite a few recipes. Cheers!

Jennifer B

WooHoo !!

My first time making caramel and it came out awesome!!..My daughters were ecstatic that we were able to make it ourselves for our caramel apples. Thank You!

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