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Sear then Marinate ?


Sear then Marinate ?


I made the lamb tagine in this site which is amazing, However I had a small problem with searing the meat. When we sear the meat , all the small onion pieces in the marinate start's to burn before the meat gets a good sear, so I had to choose whether I should sear it and run the risk of burning the onions and giving the stew a bitter taste or just leave it as is and sacrifice the extra flavor from the searing process.

My question is : can we sear the meat then marinate it ? of course we will be deglazing the pan and adding the juices to the marinate.

Dawn T
Rouxbe Staff

Re: Searing then Marinating

The desirable flavors and colors would be dispersed into the marinade, which is eventually drained off, if the meat was marinated first.

With certain marinades you will just have to make a few more adjustments or keep a watchful eye on what is happening in the pan. For example, make sure the heat is not too high, make sure you use enough oil, make sure the meat is dry enough, you may need to clean the pan between batches etc etc.




Bun in the case of tagine we will be using the marinade with the braising liquid so the flavors that dissolves in the marinade will not be lost.

with the onion paste in the marinade I think it's too hard to get a good sear without running the risk of burning the onion on the other hand if we seared the meat first we can get a very good sear this way.

Dawn T
Rouxbe Staff

RE: Searing Before Marinating

I have made this dish several times and it doesn't seem to give me too much trouble. Remember, you don't always have to get a perfect sear, you are just looking to add a bit of extra color and flavor.

In the end you can do what works best for you. If you plan to sear the meat first just be sure to cool it completely before marinating as it is not food safe otherwise. Cheers!


Thanks you

It's not about doing the dish right or wrong , the dish comes out great every time. I just thought about the concept and why no one did it before (at least to my knowledge) and it got me thinking about it, that's all.

What I actually though might be the problem is that some people think that searing seals the meat and so I said maybe it was because people think it will seal the marinate out of the meat defeating the purpose of marinating in the first place, of course I learned here that this is incorrect and searing has nothing to do with sealing the juices.

Thanks for the tip of cooling the meat.

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