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Gaye F


When learning to cook I was taught that the basic recipe for a quiche (minus the filling) is 1 egg and 1 egg yolk to 150ml milk. (This can be made richer with more eggs and cream).

This produces a great quiche and one which I use regularly. However, I work a lot with children and families who are not necessarily experienced cooks. The leftover egg white is unlikely to be turned into meringue or frozen for future use and is seen as a waste.

MY QUESTION - what is the minimum ratio of WHOLE egg to milk/cream to set the custard?

Gaye - Sticky Mitts

Dawn T
Rouxbe Staff

Re; Quiche Ratios

Six large, whole eggs per liter of heavy cream will be enough to set the custard.

If using half and half (or light cream), you'll need more eggs (about 8 to 10 large, whole eggs) per liter for the custard to set. Hope this helps!

Heidi P

Do you have a good quiche recipe for breakfast/brunch?

Hi Dawn,
I have to serve 15 people a quick buffet style breakfast on Wednesday. I thought I'd try making quiche. I have never made it before. Do you have a good recipe? So far every recipe I've tried from your site has been perfect.
I intend to serve fresh fruit, and perhaps bagels or croissants along with the quiche. I would love to hear from you. Thank you so much for your wonderful web site.


Dawn T
Rouxbe Staff

RE: Recipe for Quiche

Just so happens that I had one I was going to publish in the near future anyways. So why wait is a recipe for Quiche Lorraine, which is one of my favorites.

Another idea would be to make a frittata instead as this is sometimes a bit easier as you do not have to prepare the crust. Good luck with your brunch. Cheers!

Heidi P

You Are WONDERFUL!!! Thank You!!

Thank you Dawn!
You make me feel like I am attending a private culinary school. How wonderful to hear from you so quickly. Your site is impeccable and your immediate personal attention is astounding. I am so grateful. Thank you! I can hardly wait to start making Quiche Lorraine. Thanks to your instruction I know the Brunch will be perfect! As will future brunches.
Gratefully Yours,

Marjorie W

Quiche Lorraine

I was so excited to make the quiche, and while it tasted wonderfull!! I lost some of the custard when it leaked from the crust into the larger pan (thank goodness for that tip!) What did I do wrong?

Dawn T
Rouxbe Staff

Re: Quiche Lorraine

Not sure if you "docked" the dough (poked holes in it before baking). This is not recommended when you are filling a pastry shell with a liquidy ingredient. Also, if there are cracks in the pastry, this, of course, will cause it to leak. You could also be overfilling the shell. Hard to answer without more details. Cheers!

Marjorie W

Re:Quiche Lorraine

Oh yes, I did dock the dough! I watched the video on blind baking and it said to poke holes to keep the crust from bubbling. I "blindly" did not think that part through! LOL It was only 1/2 full and I did watch for cracks~~I guess the holes did it. I am glad I don't mind making mistakes, great way to learn. So, I will try again because it was delicious. Thank you so much for the reply, I really enjoyed making it even if it wasn't perfect, much better than using a purchased pie crust in an aluminum pan!!!
Happily Cooking~~Maggie

Gaye F


I always keep a little bit of pastry back until the crust is blind-baked. If there are any holes I patch these up with a bit of raw psstry - it gets a second baking anyway.

To avoid the filling spilling over the top of the crust and glueing it to the tin, I keep a little of the liquid back. After about 20 minutes when the custard has set a little I float the remaining liquid on top. This works a treat.

Marjorie W


Thank you Gaye, those are very helpful tips and I will try making this again using them. I really appreciate your comments and this forum!

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