How to Make Short Stock

How to Make Short Stock Quiz

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1. Short stocks are primarily made using _____________ bones.

2. You make a short stock when:

3. Typically when making short stock, the bones and mirepoix are caramelized on the stovetop instead of the oven.

4. Short stocks were designed to replace the all-purpose, dark veal and beef stocks.

5. The cooking time for short stocks is ____________ compared to regular stocks.

6. You can use the short stock process to enhance a lesser-quality or store-bought stock.

7. Short stocks and regular stocks cannot be used interchangeably.

8. Short stocks are made with ___________________ animal bones.

9. The gizzards from poultry can be added to short stock.

10. When making short stock, it is important to cover the bones and mirepoix with ____________ liquid.

11. Short stocks are typically cooked for: