Rouxbe Success Meter

What is the Success Meter?

The Success Meter is a fully-disclosed average success rating for all of our recipes on Rouxbe, as determined by our users, on whether or not they had success with a particular recipe.

Cooking Success Matters at Rouxbe!

It really doesn’t matter if it's the best recipe in the world from the very best Chef. What matters is that you can execute the skill & technique behind a recipe (e.g. sweat, sear, brown, chop, mince, etc.); therefore, to ensure that all of our users have cooking success, we provide skill & technique video support for all of the recipes found on Rouxbe. Our goal is to help our students become confident 'executors' in the kitchen and the overall average rating demonstrates whether or not we are doing our job.

How Does it Work?

After our users cook the recipes found on Rouxbe, we ask them to rate whether or not they had success with the recipe on a scale of 1 to 100. We then report this number in each recipe tile as a 'Success %' and then add it to the overall site average success rating.