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I wake up at 4am. And that gives me a long day in which to cook, draw cartoons, and do what I do best--show people how customers think. So yes, if you were to visit my website at (which now has over 500 pages), you'd find cartoons, food and marketing.

I also live in New Zealand, and we have some of the freshest produce here, plus about 44 million sheep. :) And if you haven't visited New Zealand yet, you should, both for the food and the absolute beauty of the place--plus its people. I wasn't born here. I was born in India, with all its rich spices and variety of food. And so food is part of my system and my day.

When I travel, I choose my countries based on food. And wine. That kinda says it all, eh?


User Recipes (contributed by Sean)


Chicken Makkhanwala (Butter Chicken)

by Sean D in User Contributed

This is a butter chicken that most of us NEVER eat in a restaurant.

Comments: 0 Views: 10433 Success: 90%

Delicious Pork Vindaloo

by Sean D in User Contributed

This quick and easy dish is often known as Vindaloo (pron: vin-daa-loo or even vin-dal-oh). It contains no water. And requ...

Comments: 9 Views: 12394 Success: 90%


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