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By trade I'm a consultant/developer for a midmarket ERP system, working mostly from home. My wife and I live in Flagstaff, AZ with our two kids. I started cooking as a result of watching food network, and by watching those guys make all those delicious looking recipes I took up an interest in food.

One of the shows that I really liked (Tyler's Ultimate) had an episode about Boeuf Bourguignon, which was the first recipe that I wanted to try myself. I've always made a killer lasagne, so I figured I could knock this out of the park with no worries. So, my wife got me a Dutch Oven for Valentine's Day, yes I know very romantic :), and the next weekend I took a stab at it.

The dish came out very well, it was delicious, but I also knew that I was severely lacking in cooking skills. When I added the tomato paste and the flour, it clumped up on me like it was going out of style, and there was WAY too much cooking liquid. On TV that didn't happen, so I figured I had to go somewhere and learn how to cook.

After doing some research, all I was finding was websites with recipes, and barely any useful instructions, and cooking school starts at $40,000. Now I want to learn how to cook, but not THAT much.

So... here I am at Rouxbe. Loving the instructions, looking forward to taking the lessons and start practicing. If it is what I think it will be I will hopefully be on my way to becoming a great home cook.


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