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As a teenager, learning to cook from my mother, we used canned vegetables, boxed instant mashed potatoes, and the like. (My mother worked full-time outside the home as a nurse.) When I got married 19 years ago, I could cook southern fried chicken, meatloaf, chili, that was about it. My new husband had two children and had lived 17 years in Italy and was used to fine Italian food. I had to learn to cook Italian. I had never really cooked for a family before and knew nothing about planning and organization of meals. I learned whatever I could from cookbooks such as Giuliano Bugiali's. I can now put together some tasty meals, but cookbooks don't teach you anything about planning and organization, so those are still weak points.
My family and friends are always telling me I should open a catering service. I've toyed with the idea, but since I've never been trained as a cook, I don't have the confidence.
Consequently, even though I love fine food, cooking has always been a chore -- until Rouxbe. Learning the proper techniques has made cooking so much easier already, that for the first time I'm finding it to be fun. Now, I have an insatiable desire to learn proper technique. I want to know everything there is to know about cooking. Not only method, but the science behind it.
I'm a little familiar with plant-based cooking as I was healed of severe hypoglycemia through macrobiotics.
In six months I'd like to have the fundamentals down, especially meal planning, organization, and mise en place. Perhaps in a year, enough understanding of the science behind the techniques to be able to put away my cookbooks completely.


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