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I left home at the tender age of 18 and realized that if I was going to eat at the level I was accustomed to, I'd have to learn how to cook. Well, the learning has never stopped.
Wine has been a natural progression and it was visiting wineries that renewed my culinary passions. Now I collect and pair wine with most every evening meal. I’ve even done a few “tasting menus” for friends and fellow wine geeks. Every course paired to different wines.
I have everyone at Rouxbe to thank for making me a better cook!


User Recipes (contributed by Patrick)


Osso Bucco

by Patrick O in User Contributed

Slowly Braised Veal Shanks, the perfect comfort food from Italy.

Comments: 0 Views: 12634 Success: 96%

Risotto Milanese

by Patrick O in User Contributed

Creamy Risotto with a touch of saffron, perfect accompanyment to Osso Bucco

Comments: 0 Views: 21495 Success: 90%


by Patrick O in User Contributed

Traditional Garnish for Osso Bucco

Comments: 0 Views: 9452 Success: 90%

Chicken Royale On Basil Mashed Potatoes with wild mushrooms and Porcini Cream

by Patrick O in User Contributed

My favorite entertaing dish when red meat isn't an option.

Comments: 4 Views: 16833 Success: 96%

Grilled Thai Shrimp

by Patrick O in User Contributed

A great start to a fab dinner party or a great summertime snack.

Comments: 0 Views: 10330 Success: 80%

Roasted Red Pepper Soup

by Patrick O in User Contributed

Easy, healthy, and great for everyday or entertaining

Comments: 0 Views: 11971 Success: 100%


by Patrick O in User Contributed

The hottest not-so-new summer cocktail

Comments: 2 Views: 11338 Success: 100%

Pear, Blue Cheese Salad w/ Easy Vinaigrette

by Patrick O in Rouxbe Recipes

A simple yet elegant way to dress salad greens with basic, on-hand ingredients. Use with all bitter and/or spicy greens. A...

Comments: 2 Views: 17080 Success: 0%

Couscous with Pine Nuts and Currents

by Patrick O in User Contributed

This simple side dish is great along side roast chicken and once all the ingredients are prepped, can be pulled together i...

Comments: 0 Views: 9218 Success: 100%


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