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I love to cook. Not only for the elves and Santa, but for our friends and family, as well. I am not a pro, by any means, just a creative individual who is always looking to improve my skills.

I am Vice President elect and current board member for Miracle Hills Optimists. In addition to that, I donate lots of my time to local charities, including the Metro Area Youth Foundation, an Optimist-run charity based in Omaha, Nebraska. The MAYF is dedicated to local families who have a child with cancer. We provide assistance with all that insurance doesn't cover, from groceries, mortgage payments, utilities,insurance, vehicle repairs, gas and travel expenses for treatments, as well as many others. Unlike most organizations, we receive contact from the social worker at the treatment center or hospital where the child is treated and have payment made within as little as 2-48 hours, depending on the need and the amount.


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