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Debi C

St Petersburg
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I am a long time foodie (and sometimes event planner and caterer) who never gets tired of learning.
I was born and raised in Southern California and after living in New York for 18 years my husband and I have relocated to St. Petersburg, FL in order to grow our consulting business. Our business keeps us on the road 6-7 months of the year and because of this traveling I get to experience a lot of regional foods and cook in a lot of different kitchens. My mobile kitchen (a very large suitcase) travels with me and I sometimes surprise myself with what I’ve managed to create in hotel kitchens across the US.
Rouxbe’s on-line culinary programs have allowed me to continue my culinary education while supporting my husband in his business. My hope is that in a few years we will be able to stop traveling so much and I can focus on my event planning and catering.


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