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Hi! I am a Colorado native, educator, wife and mom of 2. I was first interested in cooking in undergrad...when I attempted to make fried chicken and it was beautiful on the outside and raw on the inside. After that I bought cookbook after cookbook, gadget after gadget, but never really "got" cooking. I loved it, but, alas...I could follow a recipe good enough...but alas....I never crossed the threshold of just OK with my cooking. Fast forward 20+ years and my husband and now 16 year old and newborn moved to Haiti. My husband joined the foreign service and there we were, about a year after earthquake with no take out and no restaurant which we frequented 5 nights a week. I had to learn to cook and fast. I stumbled upon Rouxbe...and it changed my life and my cooking forever! Now, my food is better then good, but not quite outstanding (thus the courses) and recipe books are for inspiration not direction. We have since left Haiti and now live in Dakar, Senegal (West Africa) and though it is a large city with a happening food scene, I have yet to taste anything better than what I make.... at least that is what my family says. My goal is to get better and better at my techniques and building flavors and being able to make my own inspired dishes! Not to mention eat healthy...we have cut out nearly ALL processed foods and only eat meat once a week since I have taken these courses! Thank you T


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