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Bettystown, Co. Meath

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For the past eight years I have operated a successful event catering business in Ireland. Prior to that I worked in restaurant kitchens in America, and Counties Dublin, Meath and Louth, in Ireland. The catering company offers our clients: prepared food served at parties, weddings, pubs and commercial events; and we provide chefs who make and serve food prepared in clients' home kitchens or other venues of their choice. I hold a chef qualification certificate and a professional food hygiene (HACCP) qualification, both from Failte Ireland, the Irish tourism authority. I have been a student for a number of years of food and brewing history, with a special interest in those topics in Medieval Europe, Colonial America and pre-modern Ireland and elsewhere in Europe. I also brew both modern and historical beers, ales and ciders. Member of Culinary Historians of New York. I have a fair number of culinary web resources listed on my site, at Many of the hotlinked sites are in Ireland, the UK or Europe, but some are in North America. I welcome emails at:


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