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Hi! I am a 42 years old guy from Finland and a father of four kids (3 big ones and one small).
I have been cooking more or less most of my adult age but never had any instruction from anyone; just finding and trying out recipes from the Internet and from cooking books.
Sometimes a hit, sometimes a miss.
I would also like to find more and better cooking ideas but what really got me to sign up for a Rouxbe course was the need to become more confident in kitchen and improving the hit/miss ratio. That I believe is best done by learning all those basics and techniques that I lack now. Also any tips and tricks from professionals are always appreciated.
My food-related hopes are:
- Confident cooking and feeling good about my abilities.
- Being able to produce healthy and tasty food for my family.
- Making sure that my children will learn to appreciate and eat healthy food.
- Produce awesome dinners-parties for friends & family! :)


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