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I teach Foods and Nutrition to high school students. I use Rouxbe to enhance my lessons and to make this real for the students instead of just using a boring textbook. I am also using Rouxbe for my personal knowledge as I am "experienced" trained not "professionally" trained to be able to teach this course.My sister-in-law was under the tutelage of a chef in Italy and she has shared her knowledge with me. I want more.I want to be able to tell my students not only the how but the "why" of techniques, processes etc. of cooking/baking. I want to be able to receive a certificate stating that I have had professional training so I can validate my position as a foods teacher. I do not have the time or the money to be able to attend a culinary school. I also teach Theology at my school and am certified, I desire to do the same for teaching foods.
I have greatly appreciated the format of each of the lessons and desire to use this course even more for the classes that I teach.


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