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Hi I'm Adam Guthrie, a whole food plant based chef, publisher of the online I Feel Good Weeknight Meal Plans and a passionate advocate for living a simple, healthy and environmentally friendly life.

I'm living proof that wellness starts with our food choices. Over the past year I have shared my wellness story with thousands of people – on my website (, in cooking classes, at cooking demonstrations and via my weeknight meal plans.

Imagine 6 years ago an out of balance and overweight 39 year old guy. He’s depressed, unfulfilled and asking himself – is this all there is? Now imagine that guy in hospital after an early morning surf, discovering that he’s had a heart attack and being told by his cardiologist that he will be on daily medications for the rest of his life. That guy was me just 6 years ago.

It’s hard to believe, because my whole life — my priorities, my values, my choices and the way I nourishes my body is so different today. 

I didn’t accept my cardiologist’s ‘solution’ of daily medication as being the only way to minimising my risk of another heart attack. Instead I decided I would do everything in my power to find another way.

I learned how to treat himself with absolute kindness and respect.
 I transformed my diet, detoxified my body, lost 30kg, no longer need to take medications and completed an Ironman Triathlon (3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42km run) - I went from Heart Attack to Ironman.

And somewhere along the way, I realised I was more than a ‘heart attack survivor’ — I was a role model, an educator, someone who could provide inspiration — simply by sharing my story and showing how easy it is to transition to a whole food plant based diet.

So that’s what I do. Every single day, I share how to prepare delicious, healthy whole plant based foods for health and wellbeing.


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