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Cooking for me is the one thing I will never ever get bored. I like to read about it, I like to watch great chefs doing their magic and I certainly like eating.
I dream with the day I will be able to not only succeed doing a recipe but making it my own, giving my personal twist, creating my own stuff based on my personal taste and products I have available.
I love cooking and this is not me following the trend. For me it is calming, relaxing and exciting at the same time.
When I think about it, I can easily see myself working in the food industry. This is not the case... I have a job and I am not the great cook I would like to be.
But now that I have found Rouxbe I feel great about it. I just finished the sample course and I loved it. It is perfect for my messy schedules, the main reason I am never able to participate on a presential cooking class before.


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