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I have always considered myself as a foodie - well maybe not always, but in the past 5 years I've become more serious about food. I love cooking. Whether it's copying my grandmothers' pegorie recipes, or my mothers field cucumber soup, there's a labour of love that I love about it and gives me a lot of satisfaction.

For someone that does 99% of the cooking at home, I know my kitchen well. Unfortunately, sometimes I feel that I am all over the pace when it comes to finding a fast and tasty recipe for a quick home meal, or when entertaining and trying to make something nice, I have a main ingredient but need help with plating and saucing. This is where I really want to focus a lot of my attention.

I feel like I have the right skills to pull off some nice dishes, but my end game is needing some help. I would love to be able and fine tune that skill whilst watching these videos.

I've taken many cooking classes around the Vancouver area, Thai, West Coast, ect, and I find them to be too plain and not advanced enough for me. I hope these courses will bump up my cooking knowledge and techniques for years to come.

Thanks. Tom


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