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My food dreams are twofold. The root of my continuing delight in food lies in the ongoing exploration of new ways to prepare profoundly delicious and beautiful dishes from simple whole foods. I rarely make the same thing twice and am an unabashed cookbook addict :) Though I do eat meat, my passion lies with vegetables and I am determined to lift beans to new levels of culinary delight! The second part of my food dream is to gain the foundational knowledge and experience I need to be able to craft the dishes I create in my head in replicable ways to taste the way I imagine them - without relying on research and other people's recipes. I want to be set free with recipe design!

I am already a successful recipe designer and cookbook author, but I backed into the food world from the nutrition end. I began as a health coach and over several years have ended up with a business focus on HOW to prepare clean food as opposed to WHAT foods to eat. Because of the way my work developed, my culinary experience and training is oddly lopsided with tons of gaping holes. I'm an expert at some skills and a complete novice at others, even some very basic ones. Taking the brining lesson actually made me cry because it gave me exACTly what I've been longing for for years in 20 minutes!!

In 6 months I want to be the go-to menu and recipe design expert for the high-level nutritionists, ND's, MD's and fitness trainers who are my current colleagues. I also want to build my brand as the Clean Food Coach and broaden my personal client base for recipes and menus. My focus is on making whole foods prep easier, faster and tastier for the average person. My business plan is well underway, but I want to fill in the gaps in my culinary know-how so I can do this work without any "cookbook fetters".

In 2014 I want to reach 5,000 people with my products and tools. In 5 years I want my business to be successful enough that I can work only 6 months a year and have my business run without me for the other 6 so I can travel and explore healthy world cuisine. My overarching goal is to play a key part in revolutionizing the way the western world eats - coming up with new and innovative ways to make home food prep delicious and easy for anyone.


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