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I always look at vegetarian magazines or cookbooks and wish I could develop my own recipes for my family and for myself. I'd like to understand what goes well with each other and the rules of cooking. Food that is delicious, but healthy. I know cooking at home is healthier than eating out at restaurants. I want to be skilled in cooking and making tasty treats, meals, and drinks for my family, from the pickiest eaters to the foodies at heart. My goal is to some day, without any anxiety, make a family Thanksgiving or Xmas feast. OR for my fiancé's birthday. I always wanted to participate in family or friend potlucks, but my fears get in the way. I want to become a better cook to overcome those issues within these next few months. / update 2017** okay so I literally have been donating money to this site because I literally procrastinated since I signed up in 2014 and STILL have not created a dish or studies these lessons or courses....that is my own issue....that I have yet to get through. I must overcome procrastination so we can makes these bomb ass dishes.


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