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I am SO excited to explore my two-week trial of Rouxbe. I love food and I enjoy cooking and trying whole foods in new fun ways. We are part of a CSA and it would be nice to be able to use all that fresh produce in delicious meals that my family would enjoy (we have 5 children, ages 10,10,8,5,newborn). We also love people and enjoy hosting friends over to our house whenever we can. I especially enjoy trying new menus to pair up with wine, as well.

I also wish to learn more about techniques and why certain ingredients work the way they do paired up together. I would love to be able to open my refrigerator and make a great meal with whatever is on hand. I feel that I can follow a recipe fairly well, but I can't be original on my own. My family is also gluten-free and dairy-free - a challenge that I would love to overcome in our food limitations. I want to learn to cook in a way that I am not constricted by these ingredients.

Where do I want to be in my culinary ability in the next 6 months? Well, I would like to integrate GF grains into our diet. I'm starting to use quinoa and millet , but I would like to learn to cook with them better. I also would like to master the "basic" techniques necessary for cooking and why they are important. Lastly, I would love to be able to bake some basic GF goodies.


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