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I grew up cooking along side my mother in upstate NY. She "specialized" in soups and homemade sausages. As I grew older, I loved cooking from cookbooks but was often disappointed with the actual results so I started adding my own take on the seasonings. After marrying my British husband, I expanded my culinary interest to more international cuisine. We purchased the Grand Diplome Cooking course and we took off. We lived all over the world and wherever I went I took cooking courses. Hotels in Bangkok, Tokyo and England all give demos and courses which I took. I also studied in the kitchens of ethnic cooks of Indian, Thai and Chinese cuisine. I love cooking all cuisines and the spices and ingredients inspire me.
7 years ago I became a plant based vegan and later, after having stomach surgery, I could no longer tolerate gluten. This presented a new challenge which I have embraced with various degrees of success. I would love to create healthy vegan food and most of all to understand how to read a recipe or better yet to design my own using the techniques and "chemistry" that would help insure success.


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