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I learned how to cook from my mother, who was taught by her mother, who lived on a farm where they grew & raised most of what they ate. They canned for the winter and did all their own butchering. My grandmother didn’t own any measuring cups, etc., she just used things like the big blue mug, or the little bowl with flowers on it for measuring. She had several homemade knives that my grandfather kept sharp for her. This created a bit of a problem for my mother after she married, as she no longer had access to the big blue mug, or the little bowl with flowers on it. Since she worked as a librarian, she did a bit of research and learned the basics of using measuring cups, measuring spoons, and reading recipes. So while I can read a recipe, I have basically no knife or other kitchen gadget skills (except for using a vegetable peeler). I guess my current skills are that of an old farm cook, who throws the basis together and then adds a little bit of this, and a little bit of that till I’m happy with the end result.
Recently for health reasons I switched to an all vegan diet (no added oil or fats, and no sugar or sweeteners). It has made a remarkable difference. Now I need to learn some new cooking skills. Living in a small town in the mid-west, there’s not really anywhere around to learn. So here I am, looking forward to learning everything I can!


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