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My husband and I have been practicing a WF-PB diet for 6 years since we were introduced to the "China Study" by T.Colin Campbell. I have also completed the Cetificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from E-Cornell & the T.Colin Campbell Campbell Foundation. We have joined Dr. John McDougall on his adventure trip to Costa Rica and enjoyed a week of nutrition & health related programs. My husband is 68, I am 62 and our health is excellent and we do not take any medication. I am also a member of PCRM with Dr. Neal Barnard and Dr. Poppers Wellness Forum. And I love the newsletters from Dr. Michale Greger. We try to live by example to those around us and we have been successful in helping others to convert to the WF-PB by example. Therefore, we are always in search of better methods to explain and demonstrate the WF-PB diet, and good cooking skills is one of them. That is why I am here. I want to feel more confident in helping othes and improving my own skills with food choices, preparation, and selction of food items.

Since we live on a boat, our freezer and refrigeration are limited, so we rely on dry goods and vegetables that we can/preserve ourselves. The WF-PB is actually well suited to boat life for just that reason. There are times when our fresh produce is limited but we can still maintain a well balanced diet with our stores. We just celebrate with a lot of fresh produce when we return to the states. You learn to really appreciate the variety of food we have available to us. Our home port is Georgia. We don't have the beautiful fresh markets that are available in AZ and CA but we do have a few fairly good grocery stores within an hours drive. So don't take all those beautiful fresh markets for granted!


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