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HI. My name is Emilio Suárez and I'm from Puerto Rico. I'm 36 years old with a part-time job, a rented house, a very small single induction burner, a small convection oven, and a curious interest for cooking.
I don't cook for me that much. I mean, I survive with not a lot of food, but I love to cook for the people I love. Don't have lots of techniques. The things I know, I've learned from "cooking shows" and You Tube. I don't have a lot of money to pay for on going clases, but love to take clases. So an online cooking school seems great for me. I study online. It's cheaper and can learn at my own pace.
What I dream when I dream about food? I just want to cook for my love ones. See them trying my food and loving it. Cooking for them when they're working or studying or when they don't have food. Making special meals to tell them how important they are for me...
I think I already said where I want to take my culinary ability. Wish I could make it as fast as I can, but I'm a slow learner. Probably have to buy things I don't have here and that could take me some time. I just want to have more skills and techniques to do more things in the kitchen. and cook something to the people important to me.


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