Online Culinary Courses

Designed for professional development and continuing education
Rouxbe’s offerings are designed for continuing education and professional development. For high school and college teachers, our courses are usually accepted as continuing education hours.

Most occupations and professions require practitioners to stay current in their field. Association members are required to amass a certain number of training hours every certification period. Licensing, credentialing, certification, and privileging are used by regulatory agencies and private associations to ensure that a practitioner in a field has the required training, knowledge, and experience to perform as a qualified professional in that field. 

Professional Cook Certification

This course is approved by the RCA to assist applicants complete the required 120 Contact Hours in defined hands-on culinary work for Food Service Experience.
The CCS® is available to any qualified food science or technology professional, including members and non-members of RCA. CCS® certification confers a new status on experienced food scientists and technologists who have augmented their training by learning about the culinary arts and who use this knowledge in the development of superior food products.

The Process for Achieving Credit

Enroll and pass Rouxbe course(s).
Receive certificate and/or digital badge via Rouxbe-Credly as proof of completion of training.
Submit proof of completion of training to RCA for approved credit towards the Certified Culinary Scientist Certification.

Questions? Please contact or or RCA directly at