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We train home cooks, culinary students, professional
cooks and everyone in between. 

Who we are.
We are a team made up of world-class chef educators and former culinary school executives dedicated to teaching culinary technique to our students around the world – completely online. Additionally, we offer traditional or plant-based content preferences.
What we do.
We teach the world how to cook – the right way. Whether you want to gain confidence in your kitchen, transition to a healthier diet and lifestyle or are a professional wanting to expand your skill set, we have something for you.
How we do it.
We have shot hundreds of hours of premium instructional videos focusing on core techniques while developing course curriculums that challenge students to master technique. Plus, you receive ongoing chef instruction and support and access to our online community.
Instructional Videos
Learn from anywhere,
on your schedule

Available 24/7 and streamed on any device our courses were designed to fit your schedule.
We'll keep you engaged
along the way
Ongoing chef support, interactive quizzes and live online seminars keep our students going strong.
Use our robust learning
management system
Our structured courses and syllabus-driven programs guide students to achieving their culinary goals.
Join our active
online community
With over 300,000 students worldwide, enjoy an engaged online community that supports your journey during and after class.

Rouxbe Membership

Designed with the home cook in mind, our membership includes unlimited access to instructor-led general courses, subject-specific lessons and chef-created recipes that allow you to try out your new skills in the most delicious way. Select between our entire cooking library or plant-based only – and don't worry, you can switch between the two any time you'd like. 

Membership Courses

Curriculum-driven online learning that encourages students to master cooking technique with instructor support.


A collection of chef- created and tested recipes you can use to practice your newly acquired cooking technique.


Determine your own path as you learn about specific subject matter with instructional videos, practice exercises and interactive quizzes. 

What people are saying

“Rouxbe has quite literally changed my life on so many levels. It took me from being a mediocre, recipe-following amateur to a really good cook. Rouxbe has made me unbelievably healthier.”
Eric H.
“Rouxbe has created an exceptional culinary training tool that can reach aspiring chefs on a scale not previously thought possible”
Marcus Samuelsson
Award-winning author & chef
“I am convinced that the Rouxbe Online Cooking School is the future of culinary education and training.”
David Garcelon
Director of Culinary at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC

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