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We train culinary students, professional
cooks, home cooks and everyone in between. 



The Cook's Roadmap

Dive into foundational techniques and core cooking methods in this introductory course taught by leading chef educators. Lessons on knife skills, roasting, pan frying, pasta and so much more.

Professional Cook 

This immersive 200-hour online course focuses on foundational technique with personalized instructor grading and support and a certificate upon graduating.

Rouxbe Membership

Learn at your own pace and select which topics interest you – everything from knife skills to how to make pasta and mastering your fry pan.



Introduction to Plant-based Cooking

This introductory course was designed to build confidence in the plant-based kitchen with a focus on core techniques, such as knife skills, steaming, substitutions and more.

Plant-based Pro

Developed with world-renowned chef Chad Sarno, this is the most comprehensive plant-based course ever created.

Essential Vegan Desserts

Transform traditional desserts with egg- and dairy-free alternatives by learning key techniques and recipes from renowned vegan pastry chef Fran Costigan.



Introduction to Pastry Arts

Developed by the esteemed team of chef educators at The French Pastry School, this course will cover the basics of pastry, baking, and cake decorating. 

Bread Baking Arts

Developed by the esteemed team of chef educators at The French Pastry School, this course provides an in-depth look at quick breads, artisan breads, and breakfast pastries! 

Cake Baking & Decorating Arts

Developed by the esteemed team of chef educators at The French Pastry School, this course dives into cake baking and decorating at the highest standard.



Blue Zones Cooking Course

Inspired by the recipes of the best-selling Blue Zones Kitchen cookbooks, Dan Buettner leads you through a step-by-step cooking course full of plant-forward recipes.

Jacques Pépin: A Legacy of Technique

This course will teach you how to "cook more like Jacques" by decoding and explaining the principles underlying the techniques that inform his cooking.

Forks Over Knives Cooking Course

Led by expert chefs, learn delicious whole-food plant-based recipes and master culinary techniques to live the FOK lifestyle.

Seafood Literacy

Learn how to source, prepare, cook and serve seafood while gaining the competence to take full advantage of its unique qualities.

Culinary Rx

Completing this course provides you with the tools, resources and culinary confidence to take control of your life through food and cooking.

Food Coach Academy

The FCA's curriculum begins with mastering culinary and eating fundamentals including the essentials in building a teaching kitchen, and then advances through ten comprehensive explorations of food categories.
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Recognized by WorldChefs as Approved Quality Culinary Training

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“Rouxbe has quite literally changed my life on so many levels. It took me from being a mediocre, recipe-following amateur to a really good cook. Rouxbe has made me unbelievably healthier.”
Eric H.
“Rouxbe has created an exceptional culinary training tool that can reach aspiring chefs on a scale not previously thought possible”
Marcus Samuelsson
Award-winning author & chef
“I am convinced that the Rouxbe Online Cooking School is the future of culinary education and training.”
David Garcelon
Hotel Manager, Fairmont Banff Springs
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Who we are.
We are a team made up of world-class chef educators and former culinary school executives dedicated to teaching culinary technique to our students around the world – completely online. Additionally, we offer traditional or plant-based content preferences.
What we do.
We teach the world how to cook – the right way. Whether you want to gain confidence in your kitchen, transition to a healthier diet and lifestyle or are a professional wanting to expand your skill set, we have something for you.
How we do it.
We have shot hundreds of hours of premium instructional videos focusing on core techniques while developing course curriculums that challenge students to master technique. Plus, you receive ongoing chef instruction and support and access to our online community.

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