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Rouxbe courses offer students a guided-path through our instructional lesson content, practice recipes, exercises, and additional education learning modules. Courses cover broader cooking subject matter, include more robust assessment features, and provide students with a "Certificate of Completion" upon graduating. If you'd prefer to follow your own path, then watching lessons might be the right path for you.

Rouxbe Membership

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Designed with the home cook in mind, our membership provides unlimited access to membership courses, all lessons and hundreds of recipes. You choose what you want to learn and when you want to learn it and our chef educators will support you along the way.

The Cook's Roadmap: An Introduction

  • 10 Units
  • |
  • 175 Tasks
  • |
  • 224 Videos

Wake up! Becoming a better cook doesn’t have to be a nightmare of sifting through endless online and offline content. Let Rouxbe’s guided instruction open your eyes to understanding the "world of cooking" — a set of puzzle pieces that can be rearranged to unlock the code to tastier, healthier and more nutritious food.

Professional Cook Certification

  • 29 Units
  • |
  • 577 Tasks
  • |
  • 922 Videos

Rouxbe’s Professional Cook Certification is the world’s leading online certification course for aspiring cooks, culinary students, those already working in the food and culinary industry or for anyone who seeks an intensive immersion in culinary skill and knowledge development.

Culinary Rx

  • Cook For Health
  • |
  • 7 Units
  • |
  • 92 Tasks
  • |
  • 146 Videos

Rouxbe, the world’s leading online culinary school, has joined forces with The Plantrician Project, a non-profit dedicated to developing educational events, tools and resources for physicians and clinicians.

Essential Vegan Desserts

  • 90 Day Course
  • |
  • 8 Units
  • |
  • 209 Tasks
  • |
  • 108 Videos

Essential Vegan Desserts is an online course based on Fran Costigan’s popular Vegan Baking Boot Camp. This 90-day course focuses on essential techniques and recipes so you can create professional quality vegan desserts with confidence. The course starts with an explanation of key equipment, ingredient selection and function, and foundational techniques for creating desserts without the use of eggs and dairy.

Forks Over Knives Ultimate Cooking Course

  • 9 Units
  • |
  • 182 Tasks
  • |
  • 197 Videos

This 90-day immersive online cooking course specializes in Forks Over Knives-style, whole-food, plant-based meal creation where you’ll learn not only what to cook, but how exactly to cook it. World-renowned chefs and educators Chad Sarno and Ken Rubin will serve as your lead instructors and introduce you to a whole new level of cooking.

Professional Plant-Based Certification

  • 22 Units
  • |
  • 517 Tasks
  • |
  • 511 Videos

This course offers foundational instruction in plant-based culinary arts. With a focus on the application of core techniques in the plant-based kitchen, the experience will allow you to explore and practice a variety of recipes and flavors from around the world.