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180 Days | 20 Units | 280+ Tasks | Over 150 Videos

Welcome to your Cake Baking & Decorating Arts Course
Program framework
Course expectations
Cake decorating principles

Basics of Baking and Baking Skills
Basics of sanitation
Basics of the baking process

Prepare your Cake Decorating Studio
Rearrange your cake decorating kitchen and pantry
Cake decorating and gum paste flower tools
The basics of piping

Cornerstone Ingredients
General baking principles
What is sugar?
The basics of eggs
Butter and fats
Basics of milk and cream
Cake decorating principles: Sponges
Introduction to hot process sponge
Introduction to cold process sponge
Introduction to American-style sponge
Fillings & Frostings
Types of fillings
Traditional granaches
Types of buttercream and frostings
How to flavor buttercream
Whole carmelized nuts
Buttercream Piping
Basic piping with buttercream
Using a cornet
Introduction to buttercream piped flowers
Making a piping practice board
Building a Buttercream Cake
Building a buttercream cake

Rolled Fondant Making & Covering a Cake
Rolled fondant making
Cover a cake and cake board in fondant
Make rolled fondant
Royal icing floodwork
Butter & vanilla shortbread cookies
Royal icing for decorated cookies
Flood Work on Cakes
Applying royal icing flood work on cakes

Advanced Royal Icing Piping
Advanced royal icing piping
Royal icing string work

Gum Paste: Making & Simple Decorations
Making gum paste & modified gum paste
Edible glue
50/50 paste
Simple rose
Gum Paste Decorations
Advanced Sugar Paste Decorations
Advanced sugar paste decorations

Beginner Gum Paste Flowers
Beginner gum paste flowers

Advanced Gum Paste Flowers
Advanced gum paste flowers

Packaging, Cutting, and Serving Cake
Packaging, cutting, and serving cake
Modeling Chocolate Figurines

Modeling Chocolate

Intro to Sculpted Cakes - Preparing the Components
Sculpted cottage cake preparation - Preparing the components
Capstone - Making a Sculpted Cottage Cake
Preparations for the sculpted cottage cake

 Recognized by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation
as an Approved Program for 80 Continuing Education Hours

Meet your lead instructors

The Introduction to Pastry Arts Program was developed in collaboration with the founders of The French Pastry School, Sébastien Canonne, M.O.F., and Jacquy Pfeiffer, James Beard Award-winning author, who are both recipients of the French Legion of Honour Award. This course was developed with a focus on both knowledge and competency-based learning and includes dozens of assessment activities, including production activities that will be evaluated by your chef instructors.

Founded in 1995 by Chef Canonne and Chef Pfeiffer, The French Pastry School is the only major culinary school in North America dedicated to all things sweet and baked.
Sébastien Canonne, M.O.F.
Jacquy Pfeiffer

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