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Focus on core techniques, plus raw methods and no oil, low sodium, gluten-free options 
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Our most popular course still delivers the core plant-based fundamentals and chef-instructor support with the bonus of 25 additional hours of new modern content, technique videos, and mouth-watering recipes! 

Food Photography
Meat Substitutes
Bread Making

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Recognized as an approved program

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 6 reviews
 by Marwa K.
Inspired me to play with more colors, textures & ingredients

Personally, it's inspired me to take more risks, play with more colors, textures, and ingredients. Its also given me the tools to help others understand how simple and exciting plant-based cooking can be.

 by Lorena R.
Stepped outside of my comfort zone and improved my culinary abilities

After completing this course, I feel more confident with my cooking skills and with knowing how to choose plant-based ingredients to diversify daily menus while maintaining a high standard of nutritional values. I also feel more knowledgeable at creating and preparing alternative dishes for entertaining. I am a cook at heart. I cook from scratch. I only use whole foods and eat homemade meals, as much as possible. With this course, I have expanded my knowledge about plant-based cuisine, stepped outside of my comfort zone, and improved my culinary abilities.

 by Vivian V.
Plant based cooking is therapy for me

I have enjoyed doing this course 100%! Plant-based cooking is therapy for me; sometimes I come home and need to de-stress; so I chop, prep, conceptualize what else I want to create, and think about the map of cooking grounds me in the whole prep process, and just overall continue to live a plant-based lifestyle. Thank you Rouxbe I have greatly appreciated all your feedback, expertise, friendliness and it's been a fantastic course!

 by Nataša F.
I am more confident in the kitchen now and can cook often without a recipe.

The course is really excellent. As a nutritionist, I would suggest including new data concerning coconut fat as well as how a plant-based diet has the potential to nurture human health and support environmental sustainability.  Rouxbe has given me very precious knowledge and skills to cook better for myself, family and friends as well as enabled me to advise and inspire my patients with much more practical knowledge about healthy, animal-friendly and sustainable plant-based cuisine.

 by Echo H.
A stepping stone to further enhance my knowledge

The overall experience was good. There were times it was a bit basic for me and just felt like it was busy work. This mainly pertained to the course content such as basic kitchen skills, safety etc. and the wellness portion. I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist so I am pretty well versed in all of that and counsel my patients regularly on a wide spectrum of subjects. My goal in taking the course was to enhance some areas that I had not had an opportunity to explore before in technical culinary skills, therefore the course fulfilled this for me. This was a fun experience and I am sure I will take what I have learned as a stepping stone to further enhance my knowledge in practice or in the kitchen.

 by Gloria B.
I am over the top impressed with my cooking skills now from the course.

I was vegetarian for so many years but around 5 -6 years ago I decided to go vegan but it was so hard to have a correct idea how to do a lot of stuff, I was even teaching vegan cooking classes but now I have a huge panorama before me to go and teach in a better way and benefit more people. Thank you!

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Your chef instructors have 125+ years of culinary experience
Your chef instructors are here to support, answer your questions, and provide feedback on assessments.
Plan to spend
about 12-15 hours per week
To complete the course on time, expect to spend up to 12-15 hours per week.  The good news? Most of the time is spent cooking!
Our active online community is here for you
With over 700,000 students worldwide, our exclusive online community is ready to support your journey during and after class
Set yourself up for success
Make sure you have (most of) the suggested tools and equipment on hand so you are ready to dive into the assignments. 
How to graduate
Complete your course in nine months with a grade of 75% or higher and you will earn your Certificate of Completion.
Your course is industry-recognized
This course is approved across the industry for 215 CE hours with ACFEF, Worldchefs, and ANFP as well as 6 college credits through ACE.
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Ongoing chef instructor support, interactive quizzes and live online seminars keep our students going strong.

Welcome to class.

Common questions

What is Rouxbe?
Rouxbe is an online culinary school that teaches culinary students, culinary professionals and home cooks to increase their skills and confidence in the kitchen. Rouxbe captures a professional culinary curriculum in high-definition video and delivers it via self-paced online classes, making professional culinary instruction more accessible and affordable to both individuals and organizations. Founded in 2005 by professional chefs Joe Girard and Dawn Thomas, Rouxbe has been adopted by professional culinary schools, high schools, food services organizations and cooking enthusiasts around the world.
Once I purchase the course, when does class begin?
Our professional certification courses begin approximately every 45 days. Please the Tuition and Dates tab on this page to view the next start date. You have lifetime access to your course content. If you would like to earn your Certificate of Completion, you have six months from the date class begins to satisfactorily fulfill the course requirements. After, you may purchase additional 30-day extensions for $129.99 each, as many as you wish and at any time.
Do I have access to the course content after the 6 months are over?
Once you purchase the course you have lifetime access to your course content. After you graduate or six months expire (whichever comes first), the only areas locked will be the quizzes, instructor-graded assignments and the Question & Support function. Other than that, you will still have all the lessons, recipes, live events, etc. to review at your leisure. If you need more time to complete the course requirements, we provide a 30-day extension at no charge. After, you may purchase additional 30-day extensions for $129.99 each, as many as you wish and at any time.
What is the length of the program?
If you want to earn your Certificate of Completion, you have six months to satisfactorily fulfill the course requirements. If you need more time to complete the course requirements, we provide a 30-day extension at no charge. After, you may purchase additional 30-day extensions for $129.99 each, as many as you wish and at any time. If you are not interested in earning a certificate, you still have lifetime access to your course content.
How and when do I attend class?
Your course is delivered 100% online and available on-demand 24/7 from any internet enabled device. The program is self-paced, meaning there are no specific dates to begin, to submit assignments or attend class at any particular time. If you are interested in earning your Certificate of Completion, you have six months to satisfactorily fulfill the course requirements. Course extensions beyond six months are available for an additional fee.
What is the passing grade?
A passing grade is 75%, something we are confident can be accomplished, as we will set you up for success in this course. Leave it to us to get you inspired and cooking. We support you the whole way through!
What type of certification do I get?
Upon the successful completion of this course, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion. This program is being used as a training tool around the world in professional kitchens and culinary academies. All Rouxbe Professional Courses are recognized by the ACFEF (American Culinary Federation Education Foundation) as a Quality Program and by WorldChefs as Approved Quality Culinary Training.
Other than a Certificate of Completion, what other recognition do I receive?
Upon the successful completion of this course, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion. You may also download an electronic badge to share with your online profile, social media or on your website.
What cooking equipment is required for the course?
The course equipment list, found here, outlines which items are needed throughout the course. While not all will be used right away it’s important to have them available when the lesson requires.
How many hours per week should I plan on dedicating to the course?
The course material covers approximately 220 hours of learning, which includes various learning activities, practical cooking exercises, written assignments and graded exams. You can do this at your own pace, but it takes regular work and discipline to complete the course. To earn your Certificate of Completion within six months, we recommend you spend 12-15 hours per week learning to complete the course requirements. Best of all, most of this time is spent cooking.
Do I have to pay my tuition all at once or do I have other options?
If you are in the USA, a payment plan is available through Affirm. You can choose plans to pay for the course in monthly installments of three, six, or twelve months. To select this option, click Enroll Now and then select the Affirm tab on the payments page. If you live outside of the USA, please contact us. 
Does this program qualify me for a job in the food and beverage industry?
We do not claim that this certificate, or a certificate from any school for that matter, will guarantee employment or a particular position. This is because many factors go into an employer's hiring decision. This professional course has been recognized for quality education by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation and by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WorldChefs) as Approved Quality Culinary Training – acknowledging the important role a quality online program like ours provides for culinary education. 
What technology is required?
You can access your course 24/7 on any device that is connected to the internet.
Do I need to purchase books or other materials?
The course is delivered 100% online. There are no books or other materials to purchase. Other than the course tuition, you will need to purchase food for practice and graded assignments - estimated at $20 per week - and any equipment you do not have on hand.
Will I be able to interact with other students?
Once you purchase the course, if you have a Facebook account, you may join a permission-only page exclusively for your course (optional). Interact with fellow students, current students and alumni — share tips and tricks, ask questions and celebrate your progress!
Will I have interaction with my instructors?
Rouxbe instructors and support team members combined have over 125 years of professional experience in the foodservice industry and culinary education. To enrich your learning, we encourage you to ask course content questions or share comments at any time. As an important part of your curriculum, you will complete over 30 instructor-graded cooking assignments in which you photograph your dishes and describe your process. With each of these activities, a member of our instructional team will review your work, respond with feedback and provide a grade. You will also be invited to a number of live events on various topics related to your course. If you cannot attend, they will be recorded for later viewing.
How will I be graded?
There are two types of assessments: quizzes and instructor-graded activities. All quizzes are formatted as true/false or multiple choice. To help you study for each quiz we provide electronic flashcards to help you feel confident. You will also complete over 30 instructor-graded cooking assignments in which you photograph your dishes, describe your process and upload into the course. With each of these activities, a member of our instructional team will review your work, respond with feedback and provide a grade.
What is the difference between a professional course and the Rouxbe general membership?
Most all of the video lessons in the professional course are also available in the membership; however, the professional course includes many more assignments and activities and is much more comprehensive and demanding. The professional course also provides professional-level certification. The general membership courses provide Certificates of Completion, but do not require you to prove your skills to our chef-instructors. The difference in value is significant. The professional course is an instructor-guided course that takes you sequentially through the program toward your certificate rather than a collection of individual lessons available to you in the general membership.
Can I really learn how to cook online?
The answer is a resounding yes! Since 2005, Rouxbe's detailed video lessons and chef-instruction interaction provide the same techniques and methods taught in professional culinary schools. And with 24/7 access to your course content, you can learn around your schedule and review anytime you wish. Since you have lifetime access to your course content, you will be able to refresh your learning anytime.
What is your cancellation and refund policy?
You may cancel the course within 14 days of purchase and receive a full refund. After 14 days of your purchase there are no refunds, however, you still have lifetime access to the course content.