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The new culinary standard

Not long ago going to culinary school involved paying tens of thousands of dollars and rearranging your life to meet the demands of school. Today, advancements in technology and online learning have allowed students to learn nearly the same curriculum online – and from industry-leading chef educators available to them with the click of a mouse. Rouxbe focuses on teaching foundational techniques through high definition video and live instructor-led support.
Students hailing from 76 countries have completed this course.

Professional Cook Certification

About this course

Designed for cooks who want to work in the industry or anyone who wants an intensive immersion in cooking, Rouxbe serves as a cost-effective professional development tool or complement to on-the-job training. This professional certification course covers material and instructional content found in top professional culinary schools – completely online. Focusing on essential foundational techniques, this timed instructor-led program consists of rich assessments and both student-submitted assignments and live instructor support. 
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Students hailing from 84 countries have completed this course.

Plant-Based Professional Certification

About this course

Our most popular, this course attracts serious home cooks, chefs, nutritionists, health coaches, physicians and everyone in between. Led by world-renowned plant-based chef educator Chad Sarno, this ground-breaking certification course is the most comprehensive plant-based course ever put together. A full introduction to core techniques for cooking vegetables, grains, legumes, and meat and dairy alternatives is followed by a culinary world tour of plant-based foods and flavor principles. The course also covers advanced raw techniques and addresses health supportive cooking with no oil, low sodium, and gluten free options.
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