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29 units | More than 85 lessons | 500+ tasks
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Our Pro Cook course still provides foundational technique and instruction with added new modern content, technique videos, and mouth-watering recipes! 

Food Photography
Sausage Making
World Flavors

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Earn 6 college credits

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Recognized as an approved program

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Average rating:  
 11 reviews
 by Bert S.
Just what I needed to advance my career

The Rouxbe Professional Cook Certification just might be the qualification that gets me the Instructor of Culinary Arts position that I have been seeking at our school district vocational training center.

 by Michal S.
Basic experience to professional level

I came in with only basic cooking experience and came out with the knowledge and skills to cook at a professional level.

 by Vinod D.
Rouxbe gave me the chance to achieve my goals

I am currently working as a full-time dietary aide with no chance of attending a college or university. Rouxbe gave me the opportunity to study and perform activities during my days off and facilitated my goal of becoming a professional cook.

 by Sammi A.
Confidence to pursue my culinary dreams

I loved my experience. I have so much more knowledge and skills than before and feel confident enough to continue to pursue my culinary dreams.

 by Rashi K.
My entire approach to food has changed

I thought I was a pretty great home cook, but my entire approach to food, cooking, portions, cooking methods, set up and even prep has changed! I now know so much more and I welcome all of these new teachings and hope to learn more. Rouxbe was such a great start to cooking possibilities I never thought I could achieve.

 by Valerie H.
Rouxbe gave me something positive to focus on

Rouxbe helped me through a very difficult time in my life giving me something to focus on, gauge my progress and have successes that made a big difference in my mental health. I have enjoyed it tremendously and learned so much! I will miss having it to go to when I need to focus on something fun or positive. I have really enjoyed all the learning.

 by Megan G.
This is what Home Economics should have been

Everyone should take one of the Rouxbe professional courses. This is what Home Economics should have been like in school. We all have to eat and cook. Having the knowledge from this course going forward would improve anyone's quality of life by preventing reliance on processed, fast food and increasing the nutritional density of meals we consume. It makes the time spent in the kitchen productive and enjoyable. Rouxbe has expanded my knowledge of plant-based cooking, but it has also allowed me to share with others how delicious plant-based meals can be. I even overheard my flexitarian husband telling people that we don't really need to eat meat because vegan food is so good when you know how to cook it! There is no question that the professional certification course is worth the time, effort, and money. Thank you Rouxbe!

 by Chih-Ya L.
I can create better pairings now!

I'm a tea pairing expert, who designs pairing menus for restaurants. This course has really helped me to understand how the cooking process influences the outcome of a dish and therefore how it could be modified to create better pairings.

 by Grant E.
Rouxbe support is exceptional

The support I have received from Rouxbe has been exceptional. From the course material to the office support it has given me the kickstart I needed and a confidence boost. It has also expanded my personal outlook and thought process on cooking.

 by Claire S.
Highly recommend Rouxbe

I would highly recommend Rouxbe to others looking to develop their cooking skills! The challenge with any 'self-taught' home cook is that we can miss a lot of the fundamental cooking lessons and techniques along the way. I feel Rouxbe has done a great job in providing structure for my learning and helped fill in some of the gaps.

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