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Zsu Dever - Aquafaba, the Magical Egg Replacer

Aquafaba, the Magical Egg Replacer


This event was on Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 12:00PM (PST)

Essential Vegan Desserts course Lead Instructor Fran Costigan and renowned Vegan author Zsu Dever dived into an exploration of the wonders of Aquafaba in this Live Event.

About Zsu Dever

Zsu Dever has been involved in the restaurant business most of her life. She hails from a long line of culinary professionals and restauranteurs. Zsu is the author of Everyday Vegan EatsVegan Bowls  and Aquafaba, (published by Vegan Heritage Press) and publishes the blog Zsu’s Vegan Pantry.

Zsu is a passionate vegan and resides in San Diego, CA, with her three wonderful children, her three adorable felines and her one amazing husband.