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Ana Caballero - Creative Ideas for Full-Product Utilization

Creative Ideas for Full-Product Utilization


This event was on Friday, January 18, 2019 at 10:00AM (PST)

Join Ana Caballero (Kitchen Manager, Fork and High Street on Market) in conversation with Emily Rothkrug (Impact Programs Manager, James Beard Foundation) as they discuss whole-product utilization and how to implement waste reduction strategies throughout the kitchen system.

They will dive into creative approaches to reducing waste and discuss some of their own best practices.

About Ana Caballero

The daughter of American and Honduran parents who met in the Peace Corps and went on to run a restaurant in South America, Caballero learned kitchen economics at a very young age. With a special interest in sustainability, she focused on this subject while earning a Masters in Food Studies at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy. Upon completion, she moved to Philadelphia and worked in kitchens, where she began noticing an array of operational challenges. Motivated to find solutions, Caballero built her current role as the Kitchen Manager at Fork and High Street restaurants, where for the past two years she has focused on improving their local sourcing, reducing food waste, and managing food costs.

In addition, Caballero has worked as a research intern at the Nordic Food Lab, as an instructor with Drexel University’s Culinary Arts & Food Sciences department and sits on the board of the James Beard Food Waste Advisory Committee.