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Whitney Lauritsen - Healthy Eating on a Budget

About this Event

Learn all about the benefits of swapping expensive, processed foods for nutritious cuisine that costs $5 a day or less!

In this live event, healthy living specialist Whitney Lauritsen offered detailed tips on how to shop and cook whole foods, and enjoy them while dining out, without spending a lot of money or time.

Despite popular belief, organic, plant-based food can be affordable!

About Whitney Lauritsen

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Whitney Lauritsen is the voice behind Eco-Vegan Gal, an online brand created to raise awareness about how to make healthy living choices & develop a planet-friendly lifestyle.

Through videos, written articles and social media, Whitney shares simple lifestyle tips, product recommendations, easy recipes, inspirational interviews and more. This has resulted in a wildly successful YouTube channel, TV appearances, cover of Laika Magazine, and the Ed Begly Jr. Environmental Activist Award. She recently released the ebook “Healthy, Organic, Vegan on a Budget” and an accompanying meal plan service as guides on how to eat well with limited money and time.

Learn more and join the growing Eco-Vegan Gal community at ecovegangal.com

Tuesday, September 9th

3:00 pm Pacific, 6:00 pm Eastern

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