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Robert Danhi & Jeff Miller - Off-Premise Menu Solutions with Eggs

Off-Premise Menu Solutions with Eggs


This event was on Wednesday, July 8, 2020 at 11:00AM (PST)

Join the American Egg Board's Foodservice consultants Chef Robert Danhi of Chef Danhi and Co & Flavor360 Solutions and Jeff Miller of Cutting Edge Innovation discussing how to optimize your menu for an off-premise business model. They will highlight several egg menuing ideas that can translate to all dayparts.

EggPro™ is made up of two online courses - Egg Foundations and Egg Functionality. Both courses are available for free through the end of 2020. Sign up today by visiting rouxbe.com/eggpro.

About Robert Danhi & Jeff Miller

A thirty year veteran of the F&B industry, Chef Robert Danhi is not only a consultant to the American Egg Board on research, education and promotion, Chef Danhi has also operated restaurants, was a chef-instructor at the CIA, consulted for ten of the Fortune 500 companies, is an award winning Southeast Asian cookbook author and TV show host. Robert has become an industry thought leader in F&B innovation by co-founding the Flavor360™ software platform to save time, improve data quality and capture the tribal knowledge of organizations at every stage of the R&D process into one database.

Jeff Miller is president of Cutting Edge Innovation, founded in 2017 to help food & beverage companies define their foodservice strategy, understand where they can win, and accelerate their entry and sales into accounts that make sense for their products.

Jeff has spent 20 years in the food and beverage industry driving revenue by creating world class teams and products, most recently as the Vice President and Executive Chef at Dunkin’ Brands, Inc. In this capacity, he led a team of 22 chefs, food scientists, bakers and coffee experts as he oversaw global innovation and product development for all Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins product categories.

Prior to Dunkin Brands, Jeff put his Bachelor’s in Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales to work in numerous restaurant and corporate positions including kitchen management, operations, supply chain, commercialization, and R&D.