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Dr. Scott Stoll - Change your Genetic Future

With Your Fork and Spoon

Change your Genetic Future


This event was on Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at 11:00AM (PST)

Join Dr. Scott Stoll as he explores how Plant Based Nutrition alters your genetic health destiny. An introduction to epigentics and nutrigenomics and the power of our daily choices.

About Dr. Scott Stoll

Dr. Scott Stoll is a board certified specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and currently serves as the Medical Director and Department Chairman of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Coordinated Health. He graduated with honours in Nutritional Sciences and is a member of the Whole Foods Market Scientific and Medical Advisory Board, and Future of Health Now Advisory Board. Dr. Stoll is also the co-founder of both The Plantrician Project and the International Plant-based Nutrition Healthcare Conference.

His practice specializes in treating musculoskeletal injuries through regenerative therapies and improving health through natural treatments, diet, and lifestyle that aid the body in healing chronic diseases and injuries.