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When choosing a container for brining, keep in mind that it must be food safe.

Bowls (glass, stainless-steel or ceramic), stainless-steel stock pots, brining bags or plastic containers are all suitable. Many restaurant-supply stores sell larger food grade containers, which are often sold to the general public as well. Check your local listings.

Sealable plastic bags can be used, as long as they are intended for food use. Avoid using garbage bags, laundry buckets or other plastic containers not graded for food use as these all contain chemicals.

Remember that the food and brine needs to be stored at refrigerator temperatures (below 40º degrees Fahrenheit or 4º degrees Celsius). If you do not have the room in your refrigerator to brine larger items (such as turkeys), small, medium or large insulated coolers can be used. Just make sure to keep the brine cold. Sealed bags of ice can be added to the brine and replaced during the brining process to ensure it is very cold.