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Knife Skills
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Course Overview

Start chopping! Learning to use a knife will radically change your kitchen experience. The more comfortable you are cutting food, the more you will cut. The more you cut, the more you cook. The more you cook, the better you feel, so get chopping and change your life.

In this course, you will l…

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Course Objectives

At the end of this course you'll be able to:
  • Understand how to select a knife and knife set
  • Learn how to properly and safely handle a chef's knife
  • Become comfortable cutting with a chef's knife
  • Confidently execute a number of different types of cuts
  • Learn how to sharpen and care for your knife

Course Syllabus

Knife Skills

This course charts a path for you to become more comfortable and proficient with handling a knife. Since a knife is the most important tool in the kitchen, we offer guidance on how to select and care for your knives while giving you ample opportunity to practice your skills.

Lesson 1
Course Orientation

Welcome to the Rouxbe Cooking School! This course will help you understand why knife techniques are critical for skilled cooking, establish your knowledge baseline and learn how you will take your knife skills to the next level.

Lesson 2
Selecting a Knife Set

Learn what to look for when selecting the right knife for you and why it's important to use high-quality knives.

Lesson 3
Proper Knife Handling

Learn how to safely and effectively use your knife.

Lesson 4
How to Cut with a Chef’s Knife

Tackle the techniques behind using most important knife in your kitchen: the chef's knife.

Lesson 5
Sharpening Your Knife

This lesson introduces you to ways to keep your knives sharp.

Lesson 6
Course Review

Student Work

Below is a snapshot of real student photos from the course. Once you learn the foundational techniques of cooking, you too can begin to create an endless number of delicious dishes!

This is a collage photo of my in-kitchen pantry and my back-up pantry. I keep extra supplies in the back-up pantry of those stock i... View More

by Jennifer H.
by Sandra M.

Practice Recipes

A few of the practice recipes you'll learn in this course.
1 Unit | 6 Lessons | 44 Videos
Lesson 1: Course Orientation
Lesson 2: Selecting a Knife Set
Lesson 3: Proper Knife Handling
Lesson 4: How to Cut with a Chef’s Knife
Lesson 5: Sharpening Your Knife
Lesson 6: Course Review

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