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Foods for Brain Health

Barton Seaver - Foods for Brain Health

This event was on Tuesday, April 11, 2023 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

Join us for an exciting live event with acclaimed chef and sustainability expert, Barton Seaver, as he shares his expertise on the powerful connection between food and brain health. … Read More.



What super foods and nutrients must I provide to my family in order to build a healthy plant-based diet?

— Monica Alexandra Torres Del Rio


So they're in again just diversity is is really the key and building habits around sort of diversity. And also I would say almost the Topography of your plate. What's on there? One thing I would recommend against is that junk food, whether it's vegan or not is still junk food, highly processed foods are not great for us. They often have a lot of nutrients stripped from them. They're often not very good for the planet either. So even if junk food is vegan doesn't necessarily mean it's a great thing. So building habits around eating great Whole Foods meaning the whole grains meaning whole vegetables or obviously chopped up. whole fruits Etc healthy fats such as olive oil avocado oil as opposed to Coconut oils or some of the any hydrogenated fats you want to stay away from even though they're vegan. They're not healthy for us. So palm oil things like that. Stay away from just again from its How our bodies respond to it and there's lots of helpful options there. So really the key is diversity. You eat in season so that the things that you are eating what you're putting on the table is the best example of that thing, right? If you're trying to get your nine year old daughter to love tomatoes. Do you want to give her a February rock hard slightly pink, you know grocery store tomato or something August ripe, right, you know straight out of the Sun not a farmer's market. One of these things is gonna be more compelling than the other whether that's beats whether it's Anything that we even even dried beans even dried grains even corn polentas things like this. These are all products that even though we think of them as commodity and Pantry Staples, you know, what fresh beans the fresh dried beans from That season passed, you know, eating within that year are just gonna be more flavorful. They're gonna be better textured. They're gonna cook a little bit more consistently too just from a culinary standpoint. They're easier to use there's some wonderful sources out there and look at your farmers markets. Look at Rancho. Gordo beans are ancho space g o r d o there. I think one of the best being producers Mass Market being producers out there. You can find the stuff online again. Just if you're going to create healthy habits create a passion. for those foods that are going to be the backbone of those healthy habits, so There you go.
Barton Seaver

Barton Seaver

Chef, Educator, Author