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Ask Me Anything (Office Hours)

Char Nolan - Ask Me Anything (Office Hours)

This event was on Tuesday, May 30, 2023 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

Join Chef Char Nolan in her virtual office as she welcomes all of your questions. This event was created for you and we encourage you to ask anything – from cooking techniques to cou… Read More.



Regarding the frozen veggies, what is the best way to prepare them for the right texture?

— Radek Látal


Well, you know, most companies give really, really good directions for how you should cook your vegetables. But this is my steadfast go-to. These are ceramic dishes that come with this kind of a vacuum top, has a little clock on it, and I can open it up to let the steam out. And this is, if I'm gonna put them in the microwave, this is what I will use. So I try to stay away from using plastic, uh, film toppings, you know, like, uh, ceramic or things like that. So, uh, this doesn't make me feel quite as guilty. It's a ceramic dish. Uh, you can find these at Marshalls, at Home Goods at TJ Max. I'm sure you can find them online. I have them in multiple sizes. I use them for everything. And then the nice thing is if you do have leftovers, you don't have to worry about putting them into another container. They just slip right into the fridge and they're totally good to go. Those, these are great questions about, um, frozen, uh, vegetables. So I, uh, I'm a frozen vegetable fan. And, uh, the one other thing about them is that do make certain that they haven't added some kind of creamy and visible sauce, or that there is no added sodium in them. I find the generic brands add sodium to them so that the weight of the vegetables is a little higher than the actual content. So, um, just a little frozen vegetable, uh, 1 0 1.
Char Nolan

Char Nolan

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