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Ask Me Anything (Office Hours)

Char Nolan - Ask Me Anything (Office Hours)

This event was on Tuesday, May 30, 2023 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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I am just curious if you know anything about the nutrition of marijuana edibles?

— Donna Hanley


Marijuana edibles come in a lot of different forms. Most people are probably more familiar with things like gummies or brownies or different cookies that you can buy at different dispensaries across the United States where it's legal. Now, those all have different kinds of nutrition to them. Um, what's becoming more popular is actually cooking with, um, marijuana in full blown meals. So you can actually get like a five course meal, um, at a restaurant that might have some sort of edible in it. They do it in, in micro doses, so you don't get a whole lot of the, uh, marijuana in it. But when it comes down to nutrition, it really depends on what you're doing. So if you have, uh, you know, one brownie versus another, the nutrition facts can be completely different. Um, and one brownie, somebody might use something like, um, a black bean in it, where another one would be just strictly flour. So the nutrition facts on that are going to be very different on those. When it comes to the nutrition on marijuana edibles, you might want to do a bit of a deeper dive, um, and really seeing where that's sourced from. Usually if it's sourced from a quality source, they might have nutrition facts on something like the package, even of something like a brownie. Um, for restaurants, they might have nutrition facts as well to be able to show how much of something is in there, what ingredients they're using. So, um, looking at nutrition facts on marijuana edibles can be a huge variety of different things. So it's a little hard to answer that question. Um, but if you're looking for something in gummies or brownies, you're not gonna get a whole lot of nutrition out of it. Um, but really if you're looking for something in an entire meal, try to keep it on that whole food plant-based, uh, to get the optimal nutrition out of it. Hope that helps.
Char Nolan

Char Nolan

Chef Instructor