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Dan Marek - Ask Me Anything (Office Hours)

This event was on Tuesday, February 06, 2024 at 2:00 pm Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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What are your 5 favorite plant dishes you can eat all your life on an island?

— ingrid ortega


That's, that's a little hard of course, but, um, you know, living in Texas like almost 20 years as long as I did, I think taco would have to be on that list. And we do, uh, some form of a taco pretty much every week at my house. We definitely throw different variations on it where sometimes it'll be, you know, like a refried bean, you know, taco, or sometimes it'll be like a bean mixture of pinto and black beans cooked with, you know, um, peppers and onions. Just this, just two days ago I did like a style we did off of our plant, uh, plant pro class, which is just red peppers, green peppers, and then mushrooms and white onion sauteed with, um, lemon juice or a lime juice over the top with black pepper, a little bit of salt and just that as your taco filling with some cilantro, a little sliced up radish. Uh, so, so good. Um, you know, so tacos, there's so many different varieties to be able to do on tacos. That would probably have to be one of those because I can switch those things out all the time depending on whatever ingredients I find on an island, right? So I can be able to switch those out. Um, pastas are always another big fun one for me just because I love the variety in them, love making different kinds of pastas too. Pesto probably one of my favorites. But also love to be able to experiment with things. I do a vegan carbonara I'll actually be making this weekend for some guests that's, uh, you know, a fantastic one that really impresses people at the same time, um, but really has that full flavor that you're kind of looking for in those two. Um, you know, I do, uh, like my kids love butter noodles and I do an adult butter noodle too, where I'll add more flavors into them as well. And that's just taking a plant-based butter with a little bit of garlic, uh, powder for the kids and for the adults. I'll add, you know, some other flavor profiles into those as well. Um, I love to do AAR version of that as well too, where, um, adding zatar to that kind of butter noodle just adds so much flavor to it and very unique in a different kind of a way where you might add some, you know, sun dried tomatoes or something into that as well. So we've got a pasta dish, we've got tacos, um, and there's so many, I mean, that's a pretty wide variety in there as well too. Mm-Hmm. Um, you know, probably like, uh, every morning I always do a, uh, almost every morning I do a breakfast burrito as well where I do a tofu scramble. So some sort of tofu scramble will probably be on my list for those as well. Um, you know, uh, yeah, that's only three and it seems like I've covered so much already. I love to do soups too. So, um, you know, that variety of soup, uh, I always keep my scraps from um, do my prep and I will make a stock almost every week. Sometimes it's every two weeks. Then I'll come up with a different soup each week. So this week I made a tortilla soup, um, and I used, uh, trumpet mushrooms and then used a technique where you scrape 'em with the fork to make them shredded. So it's almost like a shredded chicken. Um, and then you saute those down in your soup pot with some, uh, nice white onions. Um, and add some boro sauce with, uh, the chipotle peppers, a can of, um, you know, diced tomato and then do the stock into that as well. And again, with some cilantro and some sliced radish in that. Super, super good, very spicy, depending on how much you put in there. Oh yeah. 'cause I also put a jalapeno in it this week. Um, you know, so soup's definitely kind of high on that list as well. And that's the thing is like you're, you're probably asking for specific dishes, but I'm giving you just kind of wide ideas of different ways to go because those soups, you know, like, like this week, like I said, I made the tortilla soup, but I think last week it was a potato lee soup, you know, and that's super simple where it's just leaks, uh, sauteed down and then you add in your potatoes, your stock, and then lots of pepper, you know, into it. And just that simple thing with a little bit of almond milk in just for, you know, the creaminess too. Just super, super good. Um, and those are just kind of, you know, really easy quick dishes to do. I also did, did a carrot ginger too, um, the week before that where it's just lots of carrots, you know, onion, um, and ginger. Cook it all down in your stock and then blend it up and then you just do a drizzle of some, like a, I do like a silk and tofu, you know, with lemon um, juice and blend that up and you can do a nice, you know, decoration on the top. Super great. Good for the soul. Super good for you. So there's a lot of different ways to be able to go in that one.
Dan Marek

Dan Marek

Director of Plant-Based Culinary & Dev