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Ask Me Anything (Office Hours)

Char Nolan - Ask Me Anything (Office Hours)

This event was on Tuesday, February 20, 2024 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

Join Chef Char Nolan in her virtual office as she welcomes all of your questions. This event was created for you and we encourage you to ask anything – from cooking techniques to cou… Read More.



What type of vegetable oil do you recommend for the Ganache cake?

— Jane Barnett


So I believe that when I was a student at Rouxbe nine years ago, every time I did an assignment, and I've shared this with you before, I had a big disclaimer at the top of my final, you know, the part three where you talk about what you made, there is no oil in this dessert, or there was no oil used to make this whatever. So, um, sometimes I take the mentality of, whoops, I forgot to put in, in, in my own head. Uh, I, I didn't see a difference in the ganache. I think I may have frozen it a little bit longer, but again, that would be a really good question, uh, to ask. Um, chef Fran.
Char Nolan

Char Nolan

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