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Eric Wynkoop - Ask Me Anything (Office Hours)

This event was on Tuesday, February 27, 2024 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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When are mashers, food processors with pulsing, stand mixers, or hand mixers best used commercially?

— Linda Ellis


You know, these, so it depends on what you're making, okay? Um, for the usual mashed something, okay, like mashed potato, sort of a preparation, and we can swap in and blend and do different things with different, um, you know, ingredients. But let's just use that as a base for the discussion here. Uh, in that case, you know, I would reach for a stand mixer, prob probably a hundred percent of the time, okay? Or very close to that, um, just because of, uh, the, the convenience that I, I talked about a couple of minutes ago, okay? And you can certainly buy stand mixers in different sizes, right? Bowls of different capacities. I mean, you can buy 'em big enough to take a, a bath in, um, you know, or something that's about six quarts, you know, which, uh, is more home size, but we also see those in commercial kitchens too. Um, but, uh, often it's gonna be something somewhere in between, all right? So maybe it's, uh, a 10 quart, let's say maybe a 15 quart, um, uh, mixer, uh, which will handle a pretty big crowd and do all these things. Now, a food processor, um, will cut through these things at, um, a, a much higher speed and, um, can create more stickiness or gumminess with certain, uh, food products. Okay? Um, now on the other hand, if you're making hummus and you got a bunch of garbanzo beans, um, I wouldn't use a stand mixer. I would put 'em in a food processor, okay? Because I want that blade to cut through and, and really gimme that, uh, that smoother texture. Uh, and so there's gonna be some differences, you know, um, based upon what, uh, dish that you're making, what sort of preparation that, uh, that you're producing. Okay? Um, yeah. So, and those are a couple of examples, you know. Now, from there, each kitchen's a little bit different, okay? Uh, I would say that, uh, as far as those two examples, they just gave you, making mashed potatoes, making hummus. Most kitchens are gonna reach for a stand mixer or a food processor. Um, but again, I can, I could envision smaller operations making smaller matches of something that might use a, a manual masher, right? Or a hand mixer, you know, with a couple of those little prongs sticking out. Okay? But, um, most restaurants in my experience would be in the middle, okay. Using a stand mixer and a food processor for different situations.
Eric Wynkoop

Eric Wynkoop

Director of Culinary Instruction