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Ask Me Anything (Office Hours)

Dan Marek - Ask Me Anything (Office Hours)

This event was on Tuesday, March 12, 2024 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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How long can you keep aquafaba from cooking dried beans?

— Diane Kirschner


Typically you would say about four to five days after, um, cooking it. So it's, it's okay to be able to hold it, but, uh, last time we were talking about this, um, I believe it was Char that reminded me that you can freeze afab. Actually, I think it was, maybe it wasn't Char, but, um, some, one of our other instructors reminded me afterward that you can freeze aquafaba, which is wonderful. So if you're looking to keep it for much longer than that, definitely put it in the freezer. I recommend ice cube trays for something like that. Like I'll do, you know, pesto and I'll do vegetable stocks sometimes and ice cube trays just to be able to have them and I'll keep 'em in an airtight container in the freezer, uh, just so I can grab them and use 'em as I need them. So if I know that I'm gonna need a little bit of aquafaba or if I'm cooking beans and I don't know, I'm not gonna be cooking chickpeas or something like that for a while, I'll put them right in the freezer to be able to have 'em, um, for later. So wonderful way to be able to do that. But if you're using it just out of the pot, I would definitely save four to five days is probably the maximum that I would keep it in the refrigerator.
Dan Marek

Dan Marek

Director of Plant-Based Culinary & Dev