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What’s New In Vegan Chocolate

Fran Costigan - What’s New In Vegan Chocolate

This event was on Tuesday, March 19, 2024 at 1:00 pm Pacific, 4:00 pm Eastern

Explore the fascinating. evolving and nuanced world of vegan chocolates with Chef Fran Costigan, Rouxbe Director of Vegan Pastry, and the chocolate lover behind “Vegan Chocolate: Una… Read More.



What type of vegetable oil do you recommend for the Ganache cake?

— Jane Barnett


I use primarily two types of vegetable oils in my cakes and in in my baking in general. So I'm gonna show you two bottles that are gonna look the same, but you're gonna see one is labeled differently. This is extra virgin olive oil and it is mild flavored. I will use a more strongly flavored olive oil for an Italian cake for example, but I don't want the oil to have a flavor most of the time. And in this one it says organic sunflower oil with the date label and I suggest you label and date. And my oils are kept in dark glass bottles. I really like using sunflower oil. I think it has almost a buttery taste. I also like, um, I will use grape seed oil sometimes in my first cookbook I used canola oil because that is a neutral oil with a good, um, helpful percentage, but on, on, then I learned later on that unless canola is organic, it is genetically modified and processed with chemicals. So sunflower, grape seed and extra virgin olive oil.
Fran Costigan

Fran Costigan

Director of Vegan Pastry