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Fat and Flavor

Barton Seaver - Fat and Flavor

This event was on Thursday, September 29, 2022 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

Join Chef Barton Seaver to discuss the wide world of cooking and finishing oils (and butter, of course!). We’ll discuss strategies for making the most of this culinary staple and exp… Read More.



Can I use the same Extra virgin olive oil for making a crostini, caprese salad, and sautéing?

— Nikia Simmons


Yes, that's exactly what I do again sort of that middle of the road olive oil at you're going to be fine if you're olive oil is good to your palate. I actually don't like Christini to be really spicy with olive oil. I think that bread and that toasting sort of brings out that spicy grassy mustardy quality in really pungent olive oils. So and I also like to basically deep fry my Christini by deep fry. I mean like totally SOG the bread with oil before I bake it so that they're sort of frying and crisping all in it. That's how I like to make Christina. So they're really I mean, they're explosively crunchy is the way I like them. So just from a cost perspective. Yeah go with the middle of the road stuff.
Barton Seaver

Barton Seaver

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