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Barton Seaver - Fat and Flavor

This event was on Thursday, September 29, 2022 at 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern

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What are your favorite aiolis?

— Susanne Cervini


My deal with aiolis is I just the claim playing in classic simple straightforward aioli, but the way I tend to make my garlic and so in aioli, excuse me, let me back up for those of you who might not know aioli is a garlic flavored mayonnaise. I'll a i l i o I only alioli so garlic paste. Basically, there's ways to make it that don't involve eggs, which is in a mortar and pestle where you just take garlic salt potentially a little mustard powder and you're grinding it up as you slowly drizzle in oil. Typically that's olive oil that's used there a nice buttery Rich Coastal Mediterranean oil. This is sort of the nichwas version the Provencal versions of aolio. Um my version of it though, I do use egg yolks, but I like to boil garlic first. So instead of just putting in one clove of garlic. I will take 40 cloves of garlic Suzanne. I live on a garlic Farm. I have a lot of garlic. I love garlic when you boil garlic and I boil it successively in cold water three or four times depending on the size of the cloves and the pungency of the type of garlic. So put it in cold water just to cover bring it up to a boil for about 30 seconds. Pour it off cold water do it again. Do it again. So repeat three or four times and what's you're left with is super soft sweet nutty wonderful everything you love about garlic. You know how it's called The Stinking Rose. Garlic well doing this process just leaves it as the rose and it's so beautiful and everything you want out of garlic. I then cool that down puree that with Sherry vinegar is my preferred acid in aioli Sherry vinegar, which I use by the three leaders, which I buy online Sophie brand safety brand and having a box back here. so Sherry vinegar that salt egg yolk until that's a paste and then I use a neutral oil such as this nine Parts neutral to one part. Mildly flavored extra virgin like my everyday one. That's my favorite aioli. What'll I add to it? I love smoked paprika. Aioli smoked sweet paprika is the only smoked is the only paprika that I use I don't like the Bittersweet or the the mild or the the hot I just I prefer other chili experiences to those. I'll certainly throw in a couple of fillets of anchovy. I love me some Anchovies and if you can't tell see that little stack of them over there. Yeah, that's about 30 30 cans of smoked anchovies. That's the roll-on brand get those online as well. Those are my favorite anchovies. They're absolutely delicious just on their own but puree a couple of those into your aioli and you have the sauce of us entry. So you don't have to do that whole boiling garlic technique. You can just do one or two cloves. I like to use a micro plane to do the garlic into it. And I tend to use a food processor. I can do it by hand. But the the Emulsion will only last for about two days as opposed to when I do it in the food process or the Emulsion will last five or six meaning the oil will not break out of the The aioli so that way I can make a whole lot of it and just use it for days. Tuna sandwiches celery salads chicken salads. Eating it by the Spoonful because it's tasty. So hey Americans eat ketchup by the Spoonful, right? Might as well just eat aioli, too
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Barton Seaver

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