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Seasonal Fall-Inspired Cakes and Desserts

Jacquy Pfeiffer & Scott Samuel - Seasonal Fall-Inspired Cakes and Desserts

This event was on Thursday, October 13, 2022 at 12:00 pm Pacific, 3:00 pm Eastern

Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer has crafted new seasonal fall-inspired desserts and cakes made from core Rouxbe pastry courses fundamentals and techniques.

These brand new recipes include a … Read More.



Please tell me how to keep my pie pastry lighter and flakier..easier to fork into. Mine are chronically tough.?

— Hilda P J


My first thing is a lot might be a little bit too much. Yes. What's your thought? Yes. Yes. Absolutely. So the flower in piowa has to be has to be all purpose cannot be bred. Okay, that's number one. Number two. You cannot over work your pie dough. If you all work at you you activate the gluten and then that the dough will get very rubbery and tough. Okay, so work just enough the door to make it so it comes together and then you leave it alone and then you got to let it rest in the in the refrigerator overnight. And what happens there is that The door will the starch in the flower will absorb the moisture number one and number two. The gluten will have a chance to relax a little bit. Yeah. And then and then the recipe also has to be has to be has to contain enough fat, you know a butter in order to bring the flakiness or if there's not enough fat in or in the recipe that dough will always be too tough, you know. Yeah, those are some good tips.
Jacquy Pfeiffer & Scott Samuel

Jacquy Pfeiffer & Scott Samuel